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Winter Snow 1

I had just about had it. My job was driving me crazy. My wife suggested that since I had extended accrued leave that I take some time. I call an old friend, Bob, in Taos, NM and arranged to spend a few days drinking and skiing.

I had known Bob since Prep school. We had played around in HS and college but we both had gotten married and settled down.

The first day the skiing was great as the snow fell. That evening, we went back to hotel. After a shower, headed to the bar. Away from our wives, we tried to hit on a few local cuties with no luck. Some things never change. After a nice meal and few too many tequilas, we head back to the room. Outside our room was a hot tub. Bob suggested we grab our swim suits and go for a soak. We sat in the steaming tub as the snow fell. A few other people joined us and we were soon sitting side by side. Bob slipped his hand on to my knee as we chatted with the new comers. Obviously they were in for the long haul; we jumped out and headed back to the room.

I closed the door and headed for the shower. Bob went to set a fire in the small fireplace in the rustic room (adobe, dirt floors, SW motif, etc.). I stepped from the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. Bob met me at the bath door, dressed in a robe, fire blazing in the fireplace. He grabbed me and began kissing me. In all the time Bob and I had fooled around we never were into kissing. This was different. Bob explored my moth with his tongue as his hands caressed my back and ass. I was unsure what to do but was enjoying it. He soon pulled my towel off to reveal my now erect cock. He led me over toward the fire and offered me a blanket to wrap my self in.

I sat down, some what stunned. I thought that was all in the past. We had not discussed since we last hooked up several years before. He pushed me back on some cushions and began to slowly stroke my cock. He then bent over and began to lick my head as he fondled my balls. I soon was moaning in pleasure as he slurped the length of my shaft into his mouth. My wife never liked oral sex so this was unbelievable. As he tongued my slit that was now oozing with precum, his fingers now began to play with my ass. All I could do was breathe deeply. The room felt like it was on fire. I was getting ready to cum when he pulled off, got up and got some lotion. He now massaged my ass hole with the lotion and slowly stroked my cock. He pushed on well lubed finger in my ass as I gasped. He returned to sucking my cock, as he slowly worked a second finger in. Suddenly, he hit the spot and I was in heaven. I kept moaning yes and he massaged my p-spot and ticking my head with his tongue. In no time I was going to explode. "I'm cumming," I said. He was undeterred and hunkered down on my cock. I exploded with force I never felt before. He took it all.

He slid up next to me and lay down. We kissed and I could taste my cum in his mouth. I stoked his cock as we kissed then slipped down between his legs. It had 10 years since I had sucked a cock but it was like I had done it yesterday. I enjoyed wrapping my tongue around his head and playing with his balls. I got into a rhythm of up and down. When he grabbed my head and said stop. "What did I do wrong?" "Nothing he said, it was great, but I want to cum in you?" All the times we had fooled around were just jacking off or a blow job, we never fucked. (I guess that was our way of maintaining we were not gay.) I was again stunned. I wanted to but . . . .

"I will stop if you want me to?" he said. "Okay, let's try." He again lubricated my ass well. He slathered the lotion on his cock and hand and again began sliding his fingers into me. He massaged my ass and soon, I was feeling pretty good. He then took his hand away and pushed his cock into my ass. The pressure of the head was awkward at first, and he suggests I sit on his cock. He laid back and re-lubed is cock. I lubed my ass again and squatted over him. I pushed my self down on his cock. It hurt as it first entered. I don't know whether it was that or the tequila, I slipped and soon impaled myself on him. Now full in. I got up on my knees to move up and down, the pain subsided and pleasure took over. Now rather than his fingers, his cock moved in and out. He soon was writing in pleasure. After a day of skiing, the squatting was killing me. I stood up and out he popped. I bent over the edge of the bed so he could enter me from behind. This time, he slid in easily. Soon, we both were sweating and moaning. My cock was hard and leaking precum again as is slid across the sheets every time he pushed in. Soon I could feel he was ready to cum. He collapsed onto me as he let loose. The pleasure of the moment was unbelievable. He pulled out and rolled over next to me.

We kissed as we gasped for breath. "Wow' was all I could say. Bob laughed. We showered and climbed into bed. As we chatted in bed, Bob confessed he had hoped this would happen. He was leaving his wife and was coming out of the closet. I had three more days with him to help him through it and figure out what I was going to do.

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